Saturday, May 26, 2012

John Legend Defends Girlfriend Against Chris Brown Fans

It seems as though it probably takes a lot for John Legend to buck up, especially on twitter…

Over the weekend, his girl Chrissy had to fight her own battle after she pissed off Chris Brown’s fans by tweeting about him lip syncing during the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Around the same time he was on stage, she tweeted, ‘Lip syncing is a helluva drug’, which set Breezy’s fans in full attack mode throughout the night and for the days to follow. Chrissy spent most of the night entertaining his fans by retweeting their death threats and malicious tweets before she finally decided that she had had enough:
‘I’ve had comments ranging from “kill yourself you stupid HO” to “gold digging cunt” “get a f-cking job”, etc. because I don’t like him?…seriously. this isn’t your f-cking job. You guys are too young for this sh-t. too f-cking young. stop being psychotic. be strong women. listen to opinions without spewing pure maliciousness…John [Legend] has gotten numerous comments about him needed to “leash” me or “control” me. FROM WOMEN. please stop this. What are you even doing this for? some good music and dancing? good god. DO BETTER.
John Legend, for the sake of keeping up with his wholesome image, didn’t dare step in the twitter drama but yesterday he decided that he too had had enough after Chris Brown tweeted to his fans, ‘Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats! I know y’all bout that life but it’s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims! And that only furthers their pointless existence‘.

John Legend responded:
Personally, I don’t think @chrissyteigen’s existence is pointless. Nor anyone else who dares criticize a performance
Every artist has to be ok with the fact that some people won’t like their work. All critics aren’t “haters”
And don’t ever tell me to put my “b-tch on a leash”. She’s a grown woman with her own mind and her own opinions and this is not 1950.
Chrissy definitely seemed please that her man stepped up:
now that’s a man you want to marry.
Meanwhile Team Breezy is still coming for Chrissy’s neck. This isn’t the first time that Chrissy has voiced her opinion about Chris either. Earlier this year, during an appearance on Bravo with John, the two were asked how they felt about Rihanna and Chris teaming up for two songs and she responded:
“I absolutely think it’s terrible.That’s just me speaking. John cannot because he’s in the music realm, but I am not, so I am more than happy to say that I think it’s terrible.”

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