Friday, June 1, 2012


Every nation has a fashion style that has originated in its culture. African styles too are no exception and there is a wide range of them depending on culture as well as location and customs. African styles are extremely colourful and are representative of a number of cultures within the African community. This is what makes them the most sought after even in the global fashion world.
The traditional attire of the Africa world changes according to the tribes that live at various locations. However, the most common of outfits is the two-piece skirt and top that is essentially make of buck hide. Accessorizing outfits is also an important part of the African styles that are popularly seen. Beads and shells are widely used and in varying lengths and color combinations. When it comes to men and their traditional attire, an additional layer of clothing made of the hide of a powerful animal is added to the outfit. Wearing bracelets and anklets for both men and women are an important part of tradition. These African styles have found their way into modern contexts and are wonderfully integrated into the modern day fashion world.
Amongst the other traditional outfits you have the seanamarena, a ceremonial blanket of sorts worn by the South Sotho tribe. This along with a conical shaped hat completed the outfit. Extremes fashion statements have been made by the Scottish skirts of the Venda tribe or the copper wires wound around the neck of women in the Ndebeles tribe.

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