Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I am Disappointed that Men are not Coming ,I’m a woman & I’m very soft – Karen Igho,Cries Out


Entertainment personality and co-winner of the sixth season of Africa’s biggest reality competition ‘Big Brother Africa’ 2011, Karen Igho is certainly not a hard knot to crack when it comes to falling in love.
In fact, the Edo State born entertainer describes herself as “ a woman who desires to be loved and wooed by the opposite sex.”
Speaking exclusively with WG on her love life, Karen expressed disappointment that men are not bracing up to woo her, despite the fact that she is not as difficult as they think.
“ Men are supposed to woo me. I’m a woman and I’m very soft. They shouldn’t be scared of asking me out. I want a decent man, and not any kind of man.” Karen said, in a recent chat with WG.
Declaring however that she’s still “single and ready to mingle”, Karen who only few months ago debuted as a radio personality with the fast rising Lagos indigenous radio station, Naija fm 102.7, set a standard for her dream man.
According to her, “ he must not only be ‘God-fearing’ and comfortable’ but also, he must be down-to-earth and not necessarily a bachelor.”
How many rooms is the house?
Three bedrooms. I never thought it was me who would grow up and build her a house. But I knew how much it meant to her.
It wasn’t even her daughter who built her the house?
It doesn’t matter who built the house because my mum is her daughter. When my mum gave birth to me, I wouldn’t suck her breast, I preferred my grandma’s breasts. I’m her child.
She didn’t have a male child?
She did. My uncle is just a year older than me.
So you drank a left over breast from your grandma?
Yes, maybe that’s what made me smart. Sometimes when I talk, I talk like an older person and when I want to be childish, I can also be. But at the end of the day, I don’t forget where I’m coming from and I still haven’t forgotten where I’m going to.
You said you had boundaries while in the house.
Of course, money wouldn’t make me do wrong things. Like if someone asks me what I wouldn’t do for money, I would say that I’m not ready to kill for money or backbite.
The whole thing you saw on the show that I said I wouldn’t do, I didn’t do them. Like I said I wouldn’t do unrighteous things like have sex or shower naked in the house and I didn’t do them and I’ll never do such things.

But you were almost close to doing them
There’s a difference. I was only close to doing it but never did it. If I did, you would have seen it. But I know the kind of person I am and it wouldn’t have happened.

And you wouldn’t go nude for any amount?
No I wouldn’t. I didn’t do it for $33m so for how much would I do it? That’s the boundary I was talking about.
How do you mean by you’ve settled your mum?
My mum is doing her business and she’s cool and happy
You bought her a car?
Yes. I bought her an ML.
Isn’t that too much?
That’s my mum. She gave birth to me.
Does she drive herself or you got her a driver?
She drives herself around. My mum is a very strong woman.
You have brothers?
I have three brothers and six sisters. I’m the first child.
Wow, that’s a lot
Yeah, my dad had two with my step mum, while my mum had seven with my step dad.
So your father took them all in?
He took them all in from where? I told you that there’s a lot of responsibility on my head and that’s why I’m trying to make more money. I just launched my street wears, Entag Tops, unisex. The price is affordable.
What’s the name you’re using on them?
It’s Karendify street wear. I want to try that first before launching my clothing line. I’m into trading too.
There’s one more thing we’re expecting from you that you still haven’t done-singing
I don’t think I have the voice for singing. I don’t have an interest in singing. I’m also trying to start a reality show of my own. So you’ll see more of Karen

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