Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Ways To Show That You Love Her

1. Tell her you love her 

It doesn’t matter how you tell her you love her. You can choose from many ways of telling her. Making a call as compared to a short message (SMS) is very much sincere. An email or snail mail is as good too! Of course, you can tell her when you’re on a date with her, provided it’s not a long distance relationship.

Don’t tell me it sounds boring to always say "I love you". There are 101 ways of saying I love you; don’t be so dull. So think of the different ways to convey the message. Were you expecting that I might share some lines that I use? Don’t dream, put in effort if you love her.

2. Kiss and Hug her (more)

The keyword here is more.
Hug her tight. Make her feel secure with you. Don’t hug for the sake of hugging.
You can hug her on escalators and inside lifts. A hug and a kiss is alright, but don’t go too far.

3. Chocolates
Correct me if I’m wrong: women love chocolates. Be sure to check out what kind of chocolates she prefers. Royce and Godiva produces good chocolates!
Phenylethylamine (Contained in chocolates) is a chemical that gets released in our brains when we fall in love. Did I mention that it helps her reach orgasm? Hint: Feed her chocolates with 40-70%

4. Give her (small) gifts

Something like a small teddy bear is good, as long as it’s from you. It may appear at her bed side, most likely. You won’t know until you get her one.
Gift suggestions:
  • Mobile phone accessories. She will most likely bring her mobile phone out and it feels good to see the gift on her phone, right?
  • Jewellery. Diamonds? Ha.
  • Fragrance. Most women love it, but do check if she’s allergic/sensitive to fragrances.
  • Books? I don’t know if it’s a good suggestion, but some girls love books.
   5. Give her surprises


Women love surprises. Melt her heart with a surprise.
Surprises can be as simple as visiting a florist and getting a bouquet of roses/flowers. A single rose can be very sweet too, and it’s all up to you.
Also consider sending flowers to her office. Bring it in person if you’re allowed to, during office hours. If not, MOST florists do delivery.

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