Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life is Like..

We are living in a world full of surprizes and challenges. That is why we should be prepared in every moment of our lives. There are different kinds of people in this world. Each of us is unique in God’s special way because He made us in His own image and likeness. It’s up for us on how we’ll manage the greatest gift that He had given to us – LIFE.

Some people view life as a line extending from point A to point B. Others view life as a circle or a wheel. You may have your own ideas about these but I want to share mine:
Life is like a line that is extending from point A to point B. if we were to name those points, it would be Life and Death. Yes, after life, comes death. It’s a reality that we need to accept. BUT, between these two is the word JOURNEY – our life’s quest. From the time we were born, up to this point that you are reading this article, yes dear, it’s part of your quest.

You may have been experiencing problems these past few days, but you must remember to stand still and keep the faith because it is you who writes your own story, you make your own journey. How would you like to reach point B? Surely, you want it to be peaceful and sustaining and not painful. Everyone else does. But the truth is, you hold the answer. Every decision that you make may affect your future. It may be bad, and yet, it may lead you to the right path.

 As your life extends, you have to be strong and you must have the faith. I mean, not just that kind of faith but the faith that comes from God. Hold on to His promises because He will never leave you nor forsake you. So that when you reach the end, the finish line, you won’t have nothing to regret, because you know in yourself that what you did back here when you are still living, is right, the best and is for His glory alone.

Life is like a wheel. A circle is a shape that has no ending. It may be a symbol of infinity because it has no ending. That is why some people compared life and this shape. Life never ends, yes, because there is life after life – heaven. It may also be a wheel because, not all the time we are on the top. Sometimes, we are going through problems, which is why we need to remain strong – to always maintain the strength and gain experience. The problems that we experience are the stepping stones that will lead us to success and happiness.

Another word you need to consider while living your journey is the word CHOICE – because when you make choices, you’re taking steps through every path that you choose to take.

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