Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Man Chains Son to Electric Pole for Skipping School!!!

Cambodian 300x225 Man Chains Son to Electric Pole for Skipping School
An irate Cambodian father chained his teenage son by the neck to a power pole to punish him for skipping school to play online games, police said Thursday.
The 13-year-old’s public ordeal came to an end in under two hours when neighbors alerted the police who brought in a locksmith to free the child.
“The father was so angry that he found his son at an Internet cafe instead of at school that he chained him up in public for people to see, to teach him a lesson,” Battambang deputy police chief Cheth Vanny told AFP, adding that the boy said he was also beaten by his father.
The 40-year-old father, Sok Thoeun, who works as a motorbike taxi driver, fled the scene after the incident Tuesday in the northern town of Battambang, and is now wanted on child abuse charges.

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