Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rihanna gives the ladies some serious relationship advice!You won't believe how simple it is

The beautiful Rihanna  is not all about being a good girl gone bad or flaunting her bikini ready body on twitter.She actually has a thing or two for the ladies. 

Yeah we all look at her and say what a b***** , but before you start to castigate and condemn her own love life,pls listen to what the award winning songstress/my favorite female singer under 30 had to say about dating men.In her words....

See advice after the cut
Ok maybe she didn't use the right words,but she made sense na.There is a big difference between a man loving you and a man who values you..word!

For those of you who prefer seeing her semi naked body than hearing her speak,these are pictures of the singer vacationing in Cannes(where Chris Brown happened to be shooting a video on the same day).Coincidence? Maybe he is the one she was referring to,its common knowledge, he still loves her.Does he value her? Cant say..Drake? most likely

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