Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Dancing with the Stars' 2012: William Levy doesn't have a big head!

William Levy was at the top of Spanish PEOPLE’s 50 sexiest men of 2011, starred opposite Jennifer Lopez in her music video for ‘I’m Into You,’ and now we’ll be seeing him on the upcoming season of ‘Dancing with the Stars
William Levy: I Was Nervous to "Show My Body" on Dancing With the Stars
 Many men would have a big head if they were the hottest contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" 2012 -- or even resembled William Levy. The Cuban actor is far from having an inflated ego. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, he didn't want fans of "DWTS" to think he was showing off when he agreed to rip open his shirt during the salsa dance in week 3 Monday night.
 William Levy, 'Dancing with the Stars'

Levy told Us:
"I don't want people to have the feeling that I just want to show my body! I am here to dance and have fun, not about, 'Oh, I'm hot and I'm in shape.' You know? Sometimes it's more than that!"
 Just when it seemed William Levy couldn't be anymore sexy, he goes and makes a statement like that. Modesty from a heartthrobbing man is even more irresistible!
Levy's pro-dancing partner, Cheryle Burke, said she had to convince him to rip his shirt open for the salsa on "Dancing with the Stars." She had to do a lot of talking, but he finally agreed to it
 William Levy, 'Dancing with the Stars'
Bruno gave Levy a 10 while Carrie Ann and Len gave him a 9 each for a total of 28 points. The "DWTS" 2012 contestant's tribute dance was about a few of the hard times he's had in his life, which was hard for him to focus on. He said he likes to be a happy person and focus on positive things. This 31-year-old Latin star has the whole package for sure!
William Levy, 'Dancing with the Stars'

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