Thursday, June 14, 2012

NBA Releases High Heels For Women Who Want To Rep Their Favorite Team

 There was a point of time when we were wondering if celebs were overdressing to attend Basketball Games.  Now, women who love to stunt courtside even more of a reason to show off their shoe game.

Herstar’s female founder Holly Joffrion revealed that she came up with the idea for the heels after realizing that women love shoes as much as they love their favorite team, so why not put them together to show team spirit:
“We look forward to offering sports fans a high-end line of fashionable heels. We understand how much women love their shoes and recognize that going to an NBA game can be an event beyond the hardwood. We’re able to combine the love of basketball and footwear together, allowing female fans another way to display their passion for the game.”
So far, their top selling heels are the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder and if you can’t rock the 4- or 6-inch heels, they’ll customize the heels to a shorter height. These about to change the game when it comes to throwing a sports party.

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